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27-Jan-2018 08:06

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Another part of me wants to believe there is hope for women of the Christian faith who reject male interpretations of holy scriptures that establish gender hierarchies and justify the superiority of men.I will certainly question any doctrine that creates a foundation and justification for the abuse of women throughout the world, no matter how divinely ordained the messenger claims to be. Her Watchwoman column explores genders issues in politics and culture from a feminist perspective. Is it possible that you view the presentation with a particular bias?Such is the conditioning that occurs in abusive relationships, where men tell their women what clothes to wear, how to style their hair, the friends they can maintain and the places they can go. Our leaders need to consider the way in which their language socialises impressionable young girls and boys, who are trying to negotiate gender relationships in their youth.These are the conditions that foster relationships of power and control, the foundation of all abuse. His message is dangerous not only because it objectifies women, but also because it lays the foundation for the subjugation of women.And while the message is gendered in Dr Munroe’s context, it has broader meaning in the context of healthy relationships, because the same doctrine applied in reverse creates the same conditions for abuse. He said about his wife, he said husband love your wife like I love my wife. He says you wash her with the word, and then you remove every spot, every wrinkle, every blemish and then present her to yourself. Patriarchal religious doctrines have been used for centuries as reason to deprive women of their individual freedoms, and we must never forget.Speaking about Jesus’ relationship to his wife, Dr Munroe said: “Jesus Christ is a real man, a real man. Male interpretations of religious texts have been used to justify some of the most persistent and pervasive human rights abuses.He was not referring to man in the sense of the human race, but rather men, represented in Adam.

In response to a lonely dissenter on the video feed, one faithful follower wrote: “If you find this appalling or offensive don’t read the Bible.” Part of me believes there is wisdom in her response.Dr Munroe further described the spiritual hierarchy that exists between man, woman and God.

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