Most intimidating masks

14-Jan-2018 04:35

But when you wear a mask you stand in resistance to your true life and end up attracting realities that conflict with who you really are. The spiritual June Cleaver, the superficial confident June Cleaver, the overly friendly June Cleaver, and all these masks are usually wrapped in fake smiles.

Below are five common masks we wear and keep tucked in our costume drawer. The "Positive" Persona Scrolling through Facebook I have the urge to stand and clap wildly. I look at my own profile and feel shameful at the façade I too, am portraying.

Becoming authentic is a process to begin knowing ourselves.

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When we throw that mask away and no longer put so much emphasis on being "special," we can taste freedom, we can just be whoever we are.

There's a good chance, too, you change your masks so habitually you don't even notice doing it. Are you truly , no matter what social situation you're in?

How do you feel about the face you're portraying for the world to see?

When you stop searching yourself and everyone around you for the "special" and "superior" qualities, and start appreciating basic humanity, then special qualities naturally arise. It's not real, we are all special and unique, yet also all strangely the same.

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We stop draining our energy maintaining this persona.

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