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Choosing green restaurants that serve locally-sourced food, toasting your anniversary with organic champagne, and settling in on sheets made from sustainable fibers all make falling in love, well, natural. Once you're more serious, look into green gift giving with our 50 Ways to Please Your Lover gift guide. Treehugger keeps you updated on green speed dating, singles services, and dating advice and tips.

Or hey-maybe your future partner is right in front of you.

Growing flowers in European hothouses on or South African farms uses hundreds of thousands of gallons of water and tons of carbon--and that doesn't include the environmental cost of shipping those blooms to the U.

S; many farms also spray their buds with pesticides to keep the flowers bright and bug-free.

Back To Top ΛOrganic Wine A good bottle of wine can keep conversation flowing on even the most awkward first date, but how do you know if the one you've chosen is really organic?Slate's comprehensive estimates on dating long-distance shows that even a medium-distance couple--like one going back and forth from Washington D. to New York City--can contribute 18 million metric tons of carbon dioxide each year; the locasexual movement suggests avoiding that output by looking for love closer to home. Det er det ultimate sosiale nettverket for å bli kjent med nye mennesker.Buy organic, in-season blooms instead, and if your first date is in the winter? Long-distance Dating Everyone's definition of long-distance dating is different-we know a couple who lived 45 minutes apart and considered that a LDR, while another couple traveled between Philadelphia and Phoenix once a month for more than two years.

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But no matter how far you are, that additional travel exponentially increases your carbon footprint.

Wine has more stringent organic requirements than nearly any other food on the market: it can be made from entirely-organic grapes and still not receive USDA organic certification if the vineyard adds sulfites, a naturally-occurring preservative.

Take advantage of the restaurants, bars, activities, and health and wellness facilities located at both properties to get the most out of your stay. I am not usually a fan of the "wrist bands" but the Royalton's looked and felt like a bracelet.… continue reading »

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