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This area of the Soar was split into two channels: a main stream to the east and a narrower channel on the west, with a presumably marshy island between.

The settlement seems to have controlled a ford across the larger channel.

Certainly there is some continuation of occupation of the town, though on a much reduced scale in the 5th and 6th centuries.

Its memory was preserved as the Following the Saxon invasion of Britain, Leicester was occupied by the Middle Angles and subsequently administered by the kingdom of Mercia.

Based on the Welsh name (given as Kaerleir), Geoffrey of Monmouth proposes a king Leir of Britain as an eponymous founder in his Historia Regum Britanniae (12th century).

Little is known about this settlement or the condition of the River Soar at this time, although roundhouses from this era have been excavated and seem to have clustered along roughly 8 hectares (20 acres) of the east bank of the Soar above its confluence with the Trent.

In 2013, the discovery of a Roman cemetery found just outside the old city walls and dating back to The remains of the baths of Roman Leicester can be seen at the Jewry Wall; recovered artifacts are displayed at the adjacent museum.

Knowledge of the town following the Roman withdrawal from Britain is limited.

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In the 2nd century, it received a forum and bathhouse.

It was elevated to a bishopric in either 679 or 680; this see survived until the 9th century, when Leicester was captured by Danish Vikings.

Their settlement became one of the Five Burghs of the Danelaw, although this position was short-lived.

The group escorting him was concerned enough to stop at Leicester. He died on 29 November 1530 and was buried at Leicester Abbey, now Abbey Park.

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Lady Jane Grey, a great-granddaughter of Henry VII who reigned as England's uncrowned Queen Regnant for nine days in June 1553, was born at Bradgate Park near Leicester around 1536.The Church of the Annunciation was the burial place of Duke Henry, who had earlier had his father re-interred here.

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