Dating practices in china

07-Oct-2017 06:08

This is distinguished from authoritative parenting, which also emphasizes high standards, but is accompanied by high levels of parental warmth and a commitment to reason with children.2.

When compared with authoritative parenting, authoritarian parenting is linked with lower levels of self-control, more emotional problems, and lower academic performance.

Experiments show that people learn more when they believe that effort, not innate intelligence, is the key to achievement.

And other research suggests that Westerners are more likely to assume that a child fails because he lacks innate ability (Stevenson and Lee 1990).5. Math and science attitudes and achievement at the intersection of gender and ethnicity.

When these kids perform well at school, they get rejected by their peers.

Chinese-Americans are less likely to face this choice between scholastic success and social success. Extending research on the consequences of parenting style for Chinese Americans and European Americans.

We know, for example, that parents who set high standards tend to have kids who are more successful at school.

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If you want to know why Chinese kids succeed, it’s because of the sorts of parenting practices described above. Are the parenting tactics she describes truly effective?

And the kids may interpret their parents’ coercive tactics as evidence that they are loved. Kim SY, Wang Y, Orozco-Lapray D, Shen Y, and Murtuza M.

This, says Chao, is why some studies have failed to show a link between poor outcomes and authoritarian parenting among Chinese immigrants.

So it’s doubtful that Chua’s tactics are as effective as she thinks, and recent research bears this out.

As I note in this blog post, a new study testing Chua's ideas links “tiger parenting” with lower academic achievement and poorer emotional adjustment (Kim et al 2013). Decades of research suggests that Chinese kids have two big advantages, advantages that have little to do with authoritarianism:• Parents emphasize effort, not innate ability• Children's peers support each other when they work hard at school Effort--and the belief that effort pays off--is a key ingredient to Chinese success.Lawrence Steinberg and his colleagues (1992) wonder if “pro-achievement” peer pressure protects Chinese kids from some of the negative effects of authoritarian parenting.

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