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Criminal Background checks will be conducted on each adult applicant.

A decision will automatically be generated by Screening Reports based on the criteria Herman & Kittle Properties, Inc. The criminal criteria are available to view by request.

Sources of asset verification may include bank (savings, checking, C. Third-party written verification of student status may be required based on the full time student rules of the Section 42 Program.

If all members of the household are full time students, one member of the household will need to meet one of the five exceptions permitted by the Program.

We run a credit and criminal background on all adult applicants as well as evaluate your rent to income ratio to determine that there is sufficient and stable income available to pay the rent.

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The program is designed to facilitate the housing needs of low to moderate income households. Qualification for this program is dependent on several factors including; the number of people in the household, the total annual household income, credit and criminal background. We have included in this packet a copy of our Resident Selection Criteria.The applicant’s credit report will be reviewed to determine the history of their payment practices including utilities, outstanding loans, judgments, repossessions, foreclosures, bankruptcy and evictions.The following specifications will be used in reviewing credit reports.Failure to provide certification or other supporting documentation within the specified timeframe may result in eviction.

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There will be a separate waiting list for each bedroom size with seniority appropriated on a first come, first serve basis.Sources of income verification may include: employment, alimony/child support, self- employment, pension benefits, social security income (SS & SSI), unemployment benefits, student loan/grant verification and welfare benefits (TANF), etc.